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"Seasafico-Hanoi" Subsidiary

"Seasafico-Hanoi" subsidiary was founded in 1992, registered in Haiphong, Vietnam.
72 persons work at the enterprise constantly and 80 persons are enlisted for work by season.
The category "A" allowing to export the products to South America, China, Republic of Korea and Japan was given to "Seasafico-Hanoi" by "Naficasen" organ, which controls the quality.

The production base has:
- fish berth allowing to serve up to 3 vessels at a time with total tonnage up to 800 tn. The service includes supply of ice, water, supply of provision and tare;
- cold-store for 500 tn, 2 chambers for 125 tn each, 1 chamber for 250 tn with storage temperature - 20 C;
- ref.department working on freon and ammonia, total power of the compressors 465kwt;
- station of biological cleaning of industrial water, capacity 100 m3/24h;
- 2 plate freezing units with simultaneous stowing of 800 kg of fish, 580 kg of shrimp, freezing at -45 C, freezing time- up to 4 hours;
- one air-blast 4-sections freezing unit with simultaneous stowing up to 250 kg, freezing by the piece at -45 C, freezing time - up to 2 hours;
- 1 air-blast freezing chamber with simultaneous stowing up to 5000 kg, freezing at - 30 C;
- 1 flake ice generator, capacity - 6000 kg/24 hours;
- ice generator, capacity up to 5000 kg of block ice, 1 block weight - 50 kg, capacity - 6000 tn/year.

Production base manufactures below mentioned produce for export:

  • frozen shrimp, head off, peeled, in blocks (block net weight 1,8-2,0 kg)
  • frozen crab - halves (block net weight - 0,6 kg)
  • frozen ocean perch w/r and fillet
  • frozen mackerel w/r and fillet
  • frozen cutlass fish w/r and fillet
  • frozen squid w/r, gutted and peeled, squid-fillet, squid-rings
  • salted jellyfish
  • frozen peeled batat
  • frozen vegetables
    The culinary products ready for use are manufactured:
  • fish cakes
  • shrimp cutlets
  • coctail from sea products
  • fish in spices
  • fish pelmeni
  • small squid filled with meat and vegetables

Besides "Seasafico-Hanoi" provides repair of fishing vessels at the shipyard Bach Dang in Haiphong. Total 16 vessels of STR 503, STR 402, SRTM 800 type were repaired for 5 years. Re-equipment of the vessels, hull elongation for the vessels of STR 402 type is made.

The produce output for export and local market in 2003 was more then 700 tn. Average output of frozen shrimp in blocks is 100 tn, different fish - 30 tn, squid, cuttle-fish - 50 tn.
The produce manufacturing can be carried out according to the buyer's technology.

Address: 20 Lang Ha street, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Director:Bubnov Alexander Mihailovich
Director deputy: Bui Van Nho
tel/fax: 84 4 8345964